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Ordering a cake doesn't need to be complicated but certainly you may not know some information. Most questions are answered in our FAQ but if you have any other questions we would be more than happy to help.

black wedding cake with sugar flowers
  • Can you recreate a cake I saw online or on TV?
    We respect the craft of cake artistry, and do not recreate other cakes as well as we don’t repeat our designs. We would be happy to determine what elements of those cakes drew your attention to incorporate them into your custom cake. We truly want to design something special just for you!
  • Do you cater for special diets?
    All our cakes and sweet treats are produced in an environment where gluten, nuts, milk, and eggs are present. We are able to make gluten free cakes for customers with a gluten intolerance but not a gluten allergy. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a product will be 100% free from gluten. We do not cater for eggless or dairy free.
  • What type of cakes do you design?
    We design luxurious and stylized cakes and gourmet sweet table desserts for weddings and other large events. We do not design naked, semi-naked, or buttercream-finished cakes.
  • Can we use fresh flowers on a cake?
    We do not use fresh or any artificial flowers on our cakes. Sugar flowers are what Natalia is most known for in her work and style as an artist. Every petal of every flower is completely edible and made by hand.
  • Do you make exceptions to the minimum order price? We only need a small cake.
    Unfortunately, we do not. Depending on our availability, we may make certain exceptions for previous clients who have met our minimums in the past, looking to order special occasion cakes such as anniversaries and birthdays, but otherwise, all minimums must be met.
  • Do you have a minimum for desserts as well?
    We are currently offering our dessert and chocolate selections to custom cake customers only.
  • When should we book the cake?
    Most couples book our services six months to a year before their event. We do not want to rush clients; however, we cannot guarantee prices and availability before a contract is signed.
  • Do you offer cupcakes or sugar cookies?
    We offer artisan desserts and fine chocolates; however, we do not provide cupcakes or sugar cookies.
  • What is your service area?
    We are based in New York City and proudly design contemporary, elegant cakes for clients in the New York Tri- State area.
  • How much do your cakes cost?
    This really is the big question! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to offer a simple price list, since each cake incorporates so many factors including the number of servings, the complexity of design elements, and details important to the celebrants. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one. Please note, we have a minimum order requirement of $1500 not including delivery/assembly charges.
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