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Wedding Cake


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Why a flying hippo?

Because your wildest dreams can come true!

If you can envision it, we bring it to life in an exquisite design. It’s ok if all you know is that you want something spectacular. Share your theme, color story, and event details and we’ll curate a contemporary and stylized design with luxurious flavor.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled.

From flawless fondant elements to meticulously crafted sugar flowers that look like live blooms. Your dessert is so much more than dessert, it’s part of your décor and experience. 


We design both cakes and chic sweets with elevated flavor combinations. Made for clients who want a visually spectacular cake that has been designed around their distinctive style.


When you order from Flying Hippo Cakes, you will see, feel, and taste the difference!

sugar flower wild rose

Everything You Can Imagine is Real

- Pablo Picaso

Wedding Cake


Natalia is an inspired cake designer. She specializes in handcrafting fondant and sugar flowers into edible works of art. Her custom creations are a sensory experience that are elevated in their flavor profile and themed to your occasion.

Cake artist Natalia
cake designer Natalia


Meet Natalia

Natalia always had a passion for baking. Her love went beyond perfecting the flavor to creating visually stunning desserts. Being a senior in high school, Natalia sent a photo of one of her cakes to a famous magazine editor, just for fun. She won the grand prix!

Natalia has a degree in Hospitality Management. After starting a family with her husband, she was inspired to begin creating again. Her standout designs quickly garnered attention. This inspired Natalia to open Flying Hippo Bakery Café. Although the café had 5-star reviews on every online platform, she had to close the café due to the Covid slowdown. This didn’t stop Natalia, as she continues with her passion for creating wedding and celebration cakes.

To ensure ultimate innovation and being creative soul at heart, Natalia turns to art, nature, fashion, and architecture as inspiration for her distinct designs.  

Everything You Can Imagine is Real
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If you decide to work with Natalia, then you'll realize how passionate she is about your cake. Her undeniable talent is illustrated through elaborate artwork and attention to detail, with a focus on exclusivity. Natalia is 100% invested in your project, which is why we only offer a limited number of bookings each month.

Let's Get In Touch

We would love to be part of your special day so please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat about your cake!

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